5 Marikina Evacuees Test Positive for Covid-19!

5 Evacuees in Marikina City is tested with COVID-19 disease according to the Marikina City Mayor Marcy Teodoro this Sunday, November 22, 2020.

Mayor Teodoro disclosed in an interview with DZMM that despite the five evacuees who are tested positive with coronavirus disease. Teodoro guarantees that the city government was able to take control of the virus to spread. He mentioned that it was very helpful that they implemented the early detection and contract tracing of those who are exposed to the five COVID patients. She also stressed out there is no outbreak in the evacuation centers even during the typhoon “Ulysses“.

12,000 Evacuees Where Guided In The Evacuation Centers

The local government implemented surveillance testing to at least 12,000 evacuees where guided in the evacuation centers. Some of these evacuees are uncovered with rapid antibody testing, of whom 153 were reactive and 5 of them were tested and confirmed positive. Since there is a viral transmission of 1.5% positivity rate, it was set by World Health Organization as the regulatory limit. This means there be no outburst or outbreak but there are cases.

Failed To Observe Health Protocols During The Typhoon “Ulysses”

According to him, after conducting a surveillance test in the evacuation facilities, there are 190 contract tracers who made contact with the five evacuees COVID-positive patients have all tested negative for the coronavirus. As they keep a on monitoring the communities, Marikina residents evacuated due to the tremendous amount of flood caused by the typhoon ‘Ulysses“. We failed to observe health protocols, the social distancing was not observed, and even the wearing of face masks was disregarded, Teodoro added.

Furthermore, The local government is managing and overseeing the rapid testing of the residents affected typhoon “Ulysses” who are still waiting at evacuation centers to avoid the spreading of the virus. And those who would test reactive in the fleeting test will directly undergo a confirmatory polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing and will be placed under quarantine wherein, the health protocols are being followed.

Now, the five evacuees coronavirus patients are being given necessary treatment, and monitored in the quarantine facilities, Teodoro stressed.

Additionally, Teodoro also commanded the barangay officials to investigate the damaged homes of evacuees to specify and determine the assistance they need. He also pleaded for donations of housing materials, foods, and clothing for the residents whose houses are affected and destroyed by the typhoon Ulysses”.

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